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Is reading fiction and storybooks really so bad?

This question comes from a tweet that I received in reaction to a prayer that I posted regarding the use of time and reading fiction. My post included the following quotation: “Many who profess to be...

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Is playing the stock market gambling?

Q: Is playing the stock market considered gambling and therefore a "no-no?” — Pat, from the United States  A: Before addressing your question about the stock market, it’s helpful to mention some...

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Has General Conference Session approved ordained female church elders?

Q: Has the ordination of women as local church elders ever been approved by the General Conference in full worldwide session? Is it provided for in the Seventh-day Adventist Church Manual? — Ian, from...

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Does the Bible say anything about rebaptism?

Q: Does the Bible say anything about rebaptism? I was baptized as a teen, but now I understand some things much better. Is it necessary for me to be rebaptized? — Sarah, from Germany A: Sarah, as we...

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Is organ donation an abomination against God’s creation?

Q: Is organ donation or whole-body donation an abomination against God’s creation? I am studying medicine and we learn about anatomy through the dissection of donated bodies. And what about harvesting...

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Will Adventist leaders sign agreement ending Protestant movement and apologize to papacy for protest?

Q: I’ve heard that General Conference representatives will be in Europe to sign an agreement, along with the other Protestants, ending the Protestant movement and apologizing to the papacy for their...

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