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What is the biblical way to study the Bible?

Q: What is the biblical way to study the Bible? Is there a difference between Scripture being the interpreter of itself and the hermeneutics of the “principle-based, historical-cultural” method? —...

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Is it proper to drink coffee?

Q: Is it proper to drink coffee? Why is there such dissension among Adventists concerning this topic? What part does coffee play in the Adventist health message and why? Was coffee different in the...

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Is the origin of Christmas really evil?

Q: I’m a young person who was baptized into the Adventist Church two years ago, and I’m learning a lot every Sabbath. However, I have a friend who doesn’t celebrate Christmas because of its pagan...

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Can an animal help ministries be created in the Adventist Church to promote animal care?

Q: I’m studying veterinary medicine and am wondering if an “Animal Help Ministries” could be created within the Adventist Church to promote caring for animals? Through this ministry we could tell many...

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Can a Catholic believer attend Adventist church services to find out more?

Q: Can someone who is a Catholic attend your services to find out about your religion? — Gregory, from the United States A: Gregory, thank you for writing. Yes, all Seventh-day Adventist church...

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Why does the Seventh-day Adventist Church ordain pastors, and is it biblical?

Q: The church union where I live has taken away the title of ordination from all pastors and has decided not to ordain any new pastors. I have had great criticism for upholding the policies of the...

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