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Does God punish sinful people through tragedy?

Q: Pastor, after lightning struck an Adventist church in Rwanda, I am confused and worried. I don't understand why it had to be our own church that was struck. Have we sinned against God or what? — Naftali, from Qatar A: Naftali, our hearts went out...

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How can I obtain all of Ellen White’s writings at no cost?

Q: I became a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in 2010. I would like to have all of Mrs. White’s books but can’t afford to buy them all. Is there some other way to get them? — Stanley, from Brazil A: Stanley, we are so glad that you are...

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How should our congregation deal with the conference’s decision to assign us a modern woman pastor who wears short skirts?

Q: We attend a very nice international Adventist church with members from many countries. It’s a more traditional church, and we appreciate that. For almost a year we didn’t have a pastor. Recently, the conference assigned to us a woman pastor who...

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How can I communicate my concern about church leaders who are opposed to the Adventist Church’s working policies and may be leading others astray?

Q: Some church leaders are writing things that lead me to be concerned. I wonder what they are implying, even though it may sound “biblical” on the surface. Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for these writers to be vocally opposed to working policies...

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Will only Adventists go to heaven?

Q: I received Jesus as my Savior a number of years ago and am still in the faith. I don’t worship on Saturday, but on Sunday. I have heard that since I do not keep the Sabbath, I'm not a "true" Christian. My question is: Are the Adventists...

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Is God real?

Q: When the church is full of pomposity and secularism to the point it makes me weep during the worship service; when I walk away half-filled because I don’t feel His presence in the house of worship, I wonder, is God real? You are the president and...

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