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Why did Adventists separate from Protestants and worship on Saturday?

Q: What made the Adventists separate from Protestants, and why do they worship on Saturday while Protestants worship on Sunday? — Martin, via Samsung Mobile A: Martin, thank you for your question....

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How do I tell my employer that I cannot work on Sabbath?

Q: My name is Milton and I'm 16. I’m a new Adventist but am still working on Sabbath. I want to ask my employer to have that day off, but if I do my family may find out I'm an Adventist and they will...

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Why did God allow my daughter to die?

Q: Tell me: Why we should pray? The time for God to help my daughter would have been before the car ran over and killed her. I prayed every day for 27 years for my children's safety. — Glynn, from...

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Can an unmarried couple share a hotel room?

Q: I'm a non-denominational Christian man. A colleague of mine is a very staunch Adventist, We regularly enjoy thought-provoking discussion and study. I'm happily married with two children, and my...

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How do I write an appeal to reschedule Sabbath exams?

Q: I'm a high school student in Florida and am to take my SAT exams soon. Most state and board exams take place on the Sabbath. Would you assist me in acquiring a formal letter of explanation as to...

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Does the Adventist Church have music guidelines?

Q: Are there guidelines about what kind of music can be played in Adventist churches? Many are using rock bands with bass and electric guitars. It feels as if the church is more like a café or a...

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