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2013 State of the Church

2013 State of the Church

Seventh-day Adventist Church President Ted N. C. Wilson today released a State of the Church address in which he updated the denomination on its mission and membership growth and highlighted concerns, including lack of involvement and disunity.

State of the Church - Ted Wilson from GCComm on Vimeo.

In his address, Wilson went on to explain what he said were four “spiritual maladies” affecting some people in the Adventist Church:

•    A loss of Seventh-day Adventist identity among some pastors and members.

•    A “growing tide of worldliness” in many Adventist Churches.

•    The “danger of disunity.”
•    Spiritual apathy and lack of involvement.

“Brothers and sisters, I appeal to you, as I appeal to my own heart, to make a full, complete, total consecration to Christ,” Wilson said, before ending his address with a prayer asking God to bless Adventist Church members and others seeking the “truths of the Bible.”