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Nouvelles, vidéos et sermons du président de l'Église adventiste du septième jour

Questions & Answers

Is a little wine acceptable because Jesus turned water to wine?

Q: Is it acceptable to drink moderate amounts of wine because Jesus turned the water to wine at the wedding in Cana? — Roberta, from Zambia A: Roberta, to answer this question, it is helpful to...

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Has General Conference Session voted for the ordination of female elders? Part 2

Q: Has the General Conference Session voted to approve the ordination of women as local elders in the church? Could you please confirm whether this is reflected in the most recent Church Manual? — Cy,...

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Can l worship the Lord on His Sabbath in my home by Bible study and prayer?

Q: I know it would be preferable to go to church on the Sabbath, but the closest Adventist church is 40 minutes away. It would be difficult financially to attend every Saturday. In addition, I have a...

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Do my husband and I need a church wedding?

Q: My husband and I were married eight years ago through a civil service, and we have two sons. Would it be appropriate for us to now have a church wedding? My husband is a good man, but not very...

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What is the process for marriage in the Adventist Church?

Q: What is the process for marriage in the Adventist Church? In the Catholic Church one must have a church ceremony (not just a civil service) in order for the marriage to be considered a valid union....

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What are considered to be idols?

Q: What are considered to be idols? I have angel figurines, portraits of Jesus, crosses, and other home decorations of that sort from my former faith. Should I remove them from my home? — Lizbeth,...

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